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Composers’ Festival of Amsterdam is happening in T-minus two weeks at Conservatorium van Amsterdam. There’s 100 musicians, 14 composers, 25 pieces, 4 venues! Come check out lots of beautiful people who’ve made lots of beautiful things.

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  • Photoshoot for Ritual

  • Here’s a photo of me beautiful, not a serial killer, assistant while taking photos for Ritual.

  • Interview with The Contemporary Music Centre

  • Here’s an interview I did with the Contemporary Music Centre about my recent album! Check out more from the album on Ergodos‘ site.

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    • Ritual at Amsterdam Composers’ Festival

      May 2016
      - 21.30 -

      Ritual is a performance exploring how rituals encapsulate a society’s perspective. The performance examines different rituals throughout the world and time and synthesises them, using percussion and voice, into a music theatre performance. This performance will take place as part of the Composers’ Festival of Amsterdam.

      Venue: Theaterzaal, Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Oosterdokskade 151, 1011 DL Amsterdam

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    • Zoh debut performance at Het Veem Theater

      May 2016
      - 19.00 -

      Zoh will give their debut performance at Het Veem as part of the Composers’ Festival of Amsterdam.  The band combine cello, trumpet, electric guitar, samples and drums to create an experimental pop experience.  Part of a three band lineup on the night which includes Cork hailing Fear Stalks the Land and a group by Leiden based composer Rick van Veldhuizen.




    David Collier - composer, musician, videographer, brat!

    David Collier is an Irish composer based in Amsterdam. He is interested in writing music to create captivating listening experiences.

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