Video from the Smacht launch and Thank yous

Here’s a video from Ergodos of the Smacht launch at the Lutherhaus in Dublin. Thanks to everyone who came along on the night and to the musicians and Ergodos for doing such a great job! I’ve listed the full thank yous to the album along with the musicians from both launch events below.


Adrian Hart
Cora Venus-Lunny
Robin Panter
Kate Ellis

Daire Winston
Evan Chapman

Mobius Percussion
Yumi Tamashiro
Mika Godbole
David Degge
Frank Tyl

Alexander Harker

Sean Byrne

Benedict Schlepper Connolly

Louise Gaffney

Launch events

Aristos Quartet
Eveline Jaspers
Dmitry Ivanov
Sylvain Dessane
Otto Bakker

Adrian Hart
Aoife Ní Bhriáin
Robin Panter
Kate Ellis

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‘Dusk’ on Nova

Dusk was played on Nova’s 3rd APril broadcast (listen to the broadcast.) The presenter Bernard Clarke kindly said of the piece:“…this music is ingenious, inventive and actually full of tension despite the seeming serene focus. The nuance of touch and timbre are brilliant and that timelessness … that frozen quality of the combination of sometimes busy surface and slowly unfolding structure, that is bewitching here.” Clarke also mentioned that he’d be playing Smacht on the show in the near future so listen out for that.

Smacht trailers

Check out the trailers for the Smacht film from director Bob Gallagher

Aristos Quartet performing Smacht

A video from the Aristos Quartet performance of Smacht at the St. Patrick’s Amsterdam festival.

Recording Smacht at Beechpark Studios

I had the pleasure of recording Smacht at Beechpark Studios with Daire Winston in May 2014. The piece was was performed by Kate Ellis, Robin Panter, Cora Venus Lunny and Adrian Hart and came together on tape over the course of a few hours. Benedict Schlepper Connolly, from Ergodos, was on hand to offer his creative and technical assistance and Daire Winston made sure everything ran smoothly and the recording session came together really nicely.

They were all a joy to work with. I’m very proud to have Kate, Robin, Cora and Adrian performing this piece on the record and am delighted that they agreed to be involved. It was a really confidence boost for me as a composer that musicians of their calibre had faith enough in the music to commit it to a recording. What was probably not a big deal to them, felt like a tremendous vote of confidence to me and I’m eternally grateful.



Photos from the session courtesy of Orla Mc Nelis.


Genesis of the Smacht string quartet

Ergodos are shortly releasing a piece I wrote called Smacht. The piece is a 23 minute string quartet, but it didn’t start out that way. I want to take you back and show you how it began.

Smacht... in the beginningIt was Autumn 2011 and I was up to my eyes in the final year of my masters. I was at one of those points in my life where there’s a constant feeling that the world is falling in. And was suffering from the the ever-present pangs of self doubt: Had I made the right decision in pursuing music? Was it all just a pipe dream? Was the light at the end of the tunnel a train?

As well as trying to fulfil all my college commitments I was involved in the Dublin Laptop Orchestra – which had kicked off in ernest that summer. We had our first major gig happening in November with This is how we fly. I was in the throes of writing something for it… and was struggling.

Much to my shame I hadn’t actually known who This is how we fly were prior to that. And as I’d ultimately be writing something for them I was having a wee look on YouTube to see who they were. I came across videos of Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh performing his solo material with a loop pedal and was enraptured. I really liked the droney, hypnotic feel to his music. Read more

Announcing my debut album!! Smacht!

I am delighted to announce that I’m releasing my debut album!

Smacht is the fruit of two years of work and the culmination of lots of hard work and many serendipitous opportunities working with lots of wonderful, talented and generous people. The release is the result of lots of tinkering and experimenting and thinking. Of throwing different ideas at what I think a release could and should be. And figuring out what it was that I loved about the music I’ve bought. The music was recorded by Kate Ellis, Robin Panter, Adrian Hart, Cora Lunny and Mobius Percussion along with a remix by producer Sean Byrne. It will be out on the 2 April with Ergodos and there are launch events in AmsterdamDublin and New York.

David Collier - Smacht vinyl album launch

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Taking photos with Kim


This is the result of an afternoon taking photos with Kim Raad. I gave her the brief of making me look like Salvador Dali and then spent the afternoon pretending my Super 8 camera was a gun. During the shoot I managed to inhabit the characters of James Bond, Tony Montana and Charlie’s Angels. We got more than a few funny looks and even made two guys jump back in horror. It was a wonderfully silly day.