We Have Two Ears


Here’s the press release for my class graduation show which takes place this Friday in the Samuel Beckett Theatre, Trinity College Dublin. There are lot of interesting works being shown so pop along.

The MPhil. Music and Media Technologies course is proud to present We Have Two Ears. Featuring works by some of Ireland’s brightest young composers and artists We Have Two Ears is a concert and exhibition of contemporary music, visual expression and performance. The concert features works that explore the full spectrum of musical expression, from the heart-stopping to the tranquil, the traditional to the experimental and everything in-between.

Performance and gesture are central to many of the pieces as they explore music and gesture in a fusing of the senses. The exhibition displays several installations at the vanguard of musical and visual experience with works that challenge how we perceive sound and imagery. The works transcend traditional means of experiencing audio and video and extends them to new levels.

We have two ears

For more details on the work and the show please visit the show website or the Facebook event.