First post of 2013


The year of our lord 2013 is upon us and in spite of the people’s misunderstanding of the Mayan calendar we’re still here. There’s some exciting stuff happening this year and I’ve decided to start the year as I mean to continue, with a to-do list–masquerading as a blog post. A couple of website announcements first, you might have noticed that my domain name has changed. No longer am I, 2013 means the shiny new domain of (I felt the ‘b’ was holding me back) and a little update to the look of the site. Any links to the old site will redirect to this one, so no worries there. As well as that I want to announce that the website for the app In Your Own Time–which I’ve been working on over the last year–is now live! The app isn’t out yet but the website is there to give an idea of what to expect when it is released in March. You can stay up to date with it’s progress on Facebook and Twitter.

In your own time 2013Onto the music announcements and great news, I’ve been accepted to be represent by the Contemporary Music Centre! This is great for a number of reasons, firstly because they’ll hold copies my scores and will provide them to people interested, I’ll also be able to get some guidance from the staff and last but not least because I work there, and I can only imagine how awkward it would be if someone had had to tell me I wasn’t suitable for representation. Dodged a bullet there. I’m also heading away to Appeldorn in February to take part in the Young Composer’s Meeting hosted by orkest de ereprijsThis is a week long composition masterclass with the ensemble and several composers. I’m in the process of writing a piece for the meeting at the moment, which is pretty exciting/scary experience as I’ve never written for such a large group before, or even for most of the instruments they play. Expect to see a post about my experiences at the course in the near future.

There’s a couple more projects which I’ll be working on over the coming months, including an exciting recording project, an opera and the Liquid Pixels project, I’m going to keep a lid on these for the moment but expect further posts throughout the year. Looking forward to an exciting year ahead, roll on 2013!