Floor It :: Dublin Fringe Show


Great news the Dublin Fringe festival has been announced, ta da, and most importantly as part of the Dublin Fringe there is a quirky little event called Floor It. The whole show has been put together by a group of mavericks kept going with nothing more than spit and determination, with a budget that would even make Greece wince. For any of you too lazy to click on the link here’s the summary of what’s going down at the Floor It shows:

“Sound is a physical thing and it touches you softly. Lie on your back, close your eyes and open your ears. You are at the centre of an orbiting planet, twisting, churning and grinding through life as we know it. Things are falling from outer space and somewhere a witch doctor is exorcising begrudgery and cynicism. Get your bearings, you’ll have to learn the beat as we step on the accelerator and take you for a ride.

Take the snoring out of lying down and join us in this interactive musical experience. Come early or stay late to have a go on installations running before and after the performances.”