In Your Own Time at MusicTechFest


I’ve been following Andrew Dubber on Twitter for a while. He’s a pretty prolific social media user with lots of interesting ideas about everything but I’m mostly interested in his writings on the music industry. To cut a long story short I saw that he is heading to MusicTechFest in London this month. I had a look at the website and immediately got super jealous. There’s going to be an amazing lineup at the festival from lots of different aspects of the music technology. I spent a while drooling over the website and playing with their html sequencer, but then had to get on with my life and put it out of my mind. A few days ago though I got an email asking me if I’d like to give a talk about In Your Own TimeI was over the moon!

Who’s at MusicTechFest

There’s a ton of reasons I’m delighted to be asked to participate in this festival. I’ve read about or seen videos of a lot of the people performing and I’m particularly interested in some of the instruments, like the Alphasphere and Makey Makey, that will be there. But what I’m most excited about is being at the same event as some of the people who have had an indirect influence on In Your Own Time. Peter Kirn and Michael Breidenbrücker are the two names that jumped out at me when I first looked at the website. I’ve never spoken to either of the them but they have both, in different ways, had an impact on the app.

MusicTechFest 2012

Michael Breidenbrücker is the founder of RjDj – I’ve written their Inception app before and even interviewed their Chief Creative Officer Robert Thomas. The RjDj app was really useful while I doing my initial stages of prototyping and testing. It was also good to see what people were already doing in the mobile music sphere. When I was trying to figure out how I would go about creating this kind of responsive piece of music it was nice to see existing projects and know that it is doable.

Peter Kirn is the editor of Create Digital Music (CDM) and is also involved in the libpd library a port of Pure Data (PD) to smartphone. I came across some examples of mobile music projects like Bluebrain’s Listen to the Light app on CDM, but it was the libpd library which was most useful in developing In Your Own Time. I’m not a hardcore programmer, but I can program audio pretty well using PD. The libpd library allowed me to program almost the whole experience in PD and then enlist the help of someone who was more familiar with Android programming to bring it together on a phone.

The Irish Contingent

Irish companies at MusicTechFestival

As well as the host of international names at the festival there is also a good representation of Irish groups attending. Several tech startups working on new ways of finding and interfacing with music are going to be there, including Soundwave, 45sound and seevl. I came across Soundwave and 45sound when I took part in Music 3.0 this time last year, I was particularly excited by the work that Soundwave were doing and interviewed Brendan for a post to find out more about it.

It should be a cracking event and I’m looking forward to sharing In Your Own Time with everyone at MusicTechFest and hearing about the interesting projects that people are working on. Roll on next weekend!

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