MusicTechFest 2013 – My experience


I’m just back from presenting at MusicTechFest. It was my first chance to talk to people outside Ireland about In Your Own Time and  was a pretty daunting and exhilerating experience. But I loved every minute of it. As well as presenting about my work I was also able to take it some of the other talks. Chat to people and immerse myself in the festival. I’m now very taken with MusicTechFest, it’s an excellent event.

In my day to day life I like meeting with entrepreneurs. Talking with them and hearing what motivates them can be a really energising experience. They’re always really interesting people, full of energy, optimism and a ‘Lets do it!’ attitude. But there’s always a difference what we’re ultimately interested in. What you get at MusicTechFest is that same kind of enthusiasm, passion and excitement singularly focused on music.

From the moment arrived I saw interesting projects and met tons of great people. I probably only got to five or six talks on the one day I was there. Which were all varied and interesting. Being completely honest though, if I hadn’t seen a single presentation the festival would have been worth attending. Simply because of people I met and the conversations I had. Every time I turned around I seemed to start conversations with really interesting people. We’d talk to about what we’d just seen, the project we were working on or other people’s project that ‘you should check out!’. It’s a really special event when you can turn up and immediately feel at home.

MusicTechFest seems to be all about these interactions. The serendipitous moments when two people who are working on similar projects sit next to each other. Everyone I met was brimming with enthusiasm for music in general and music technology in particular. There was a great sense of openness and excitement. I will definitely be going again next year!

MusicTechFest 2013 Playlist