Moving on – My Contemporary Music Centre highlights


It’s a little over two years since I started working for the Contemporary Music Centre. I arrived out of college and lucked my way into a really interesting job filming and editing videos and recordings of concerts and interviews of contemporary music: composers, performers and organisers. I’ve got to work with some great people during my time there and meet lots of interesting people as well. I was also privileged to work with a great group of people in my time at the Contemporary Music Centre, some of whom have move on and some who are still there. In no particular order thanks to Jonathan, Caitríona, Keith, Evonne, Eve, Sinéad, Karen, Emma, Ben and Sam. I’m now leaving to move to the Netherlands and start a Master in Composition and as I move on to pastures new I wanted to share some of the work which I’m proudest of from my time at the Contemporary Music Centre.

Culture Night

This video is an overview of the Contemporary Music Centre’s event for Culture Night 2013.  The event ran for 8 hours on 19 September as part of Culture Night 2013, and included performances from composers Kerry Hagan, John Godfrey, Thomas McConville and Rob Canning. I’ve put together several video like this, covering events, workshops and performances, in my time at the Contemporary Music Centre but this one was particularly enjoyable due to the diversity of different music and ideas on the night.

The Light Gleams

This is a video completed in April 2014 as a portrait of composer Frank Corcoran. The film was directed by filmmaker and artist Mark Linnane and it was insightful to work with someone of his experience. It was a massive step up in terms of preparation and implementation of creating a film. Mostly while working in CMC I’ve been focused on event based films and it’s a case of turning up filming and constructing videos from whatever I’ve captured on the day. It was a really interesting change of pace to plan out the interviews and locations and to see in advance how the editing might play out.

CMC Podcast Series

These podcasts are probably some of the work which I’m proudest of from my time in CMC. I got to prepare interview and edit these pieces into finished sonic portraits of the composers. It was really enjoyable and fulfilling to get to direct a project like this from beginning to end. I got to meet some great people while make them and  learned a lot about them and their music along the way.