Announcing my debut album!! Smacht!


I am delighted to announce that I’m releasing my debut album!

Smacht is the fruit of two years of work and the culmination of lots of hard work and many serendipitous opportunities working with lots of wonderful, talented and generous people. The release is the result of lots of tinkering and experimenting and thinking. Of throwing different ideas at what I think a release could and should be. And figuring out what it was that I loved about the music I’ve bought. The music was recorded by Kate Ellis, Robin Panter, Adrian Hart, Cora Lunny and Mobius Percussion along with a remix by producer Sean Byrne. It will be out on the 2 April with Ergodos and there are launch events in AmsterdamDublin and New York.

David Collier - Smacht vinyl album launch

Music has always been a form of communication for me and with this release I want to try to convey what I find special about music. To my recent realisation and surprise music has an extremely spiritual dimension for me. It opens a door inside of me and lifts me up to a transcendental state. The music I love allows me to reach out and touch the divine. To stretch out my hand and run my fingertips along to flowing gossamer of eternity, suspended above my mortal being. It frees me from concerns and energises and enhances my existence with the world. What more beautiful thing is there to impart to another human being.

There’s lots of things that this album means to me. It’s the culmination of a lot of work. The result of much human kindness and belief. An expression of many of my hopes and dreams. A reflection of what I think and believe about humanity and about the world we inhabit. And many, many moments of making myself very vulnerable, both with others and with myself. It’s been a wonderfully diverse and interesting experience to get to put something like this out into the world. And I’m very gratefully to all the amazing people who supported me along the way.

My wish with this release is that I can impart some of the same wonderful feelings that have been gifted to me through music to others.

Smacht is available through Ergodos. There will be launch events in AmsterdamDublin and New York. I’ll be writing more posts over the coming weeks about the process and the different people I got to work to make this album a reality.