Micro review from No More Workhorse

No More Workhorsehorse-head published a brief review of Smacht calling it “a delicately layered affair.” Check out the full review on their website or listen to the album teaser below.


‘Dusk’ on Nova

Dusk was played on Nova’s 3rd APril broadcast (listen to the broadcast.) The presenter Bernard Clarke kindly said of the piece:“…this music is ingenious, inventive and actually full of tension despite the seeming serene focus. The nuance of touch and timbre are brilliant and that timelessness … that frozen quality of the combination of sometimes busy surface and slowly unfolding structure, that is bewitching here.” Clarke also mentioned that he’d be playing Smacht on the show in the near future so listen out for that.

So Percussion performing ‘Dusk’

Last July I wrote my first percussion piece Dusk for the So Percussion’s Summer Institute. I’ve written about the festival at length in another post but suffice to say I had an amazing time, meet lots of interesting people and heard tons of percussion music. As part of the festival So Percussion performed Dusk at Princeton University and this week the Vic Firth featured a video of the performance on their YouTube. It was a load of fun working with those guys and Evan Chapman, the videographer, did a great job capturing the concert. Hope you enjoy.