What to do with a…

I’ve been working on a piece in collaboration with scenographer Hannah Krauß for the last while. The project is an interdepartmental project between the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and de Theaterschool. In it a composer and a scenographer are paired up to make something.  We’re working on a stage piece together combining music with set design and have decided to focus creating a piece from everyday objects which make sound, like table-fans, record players and balloons. We’ve been working together for about a month now throwing around ideas and are at about the half way point in the project. I’ve put together a video with some of the things we’ve been working with so far. It was a fun video to make and I hope you enjoy.

I’m interested to look back on this video when we’ve finished to see where our explorations lead. Just out of personal curiosity about where the collaborative process of making something can lead. Join us for the live staging at de Theaterschool at the end of April to see what we come up with.

Where we’re at :: Update

An update about the “Where we’re at” exhibit at the Big Picture Tallaght.

Here’s a video describing the Untitled 1 exhibit. This exhibit connected a space within the gallery to the street outside. Providing an audio visual link between the two spaces.

You can try this web version of the “Sounds of Tallaght” exhibit. This allows you to select from a series of abstracted binaural recordings and images relating to places in the Tallaght. These allow you to experience these areas from a different perspective. Click on the pictures to hear recordings from these area. Please listen with headphones for best effect. Read more